Great sucker

Apr 12

There is no person on the Earth who adores sucking cocks like Andrea. She was studying at the University. Big cocks were like drugs for her. She could not live a day without a big and long shaft. She could not deny anyone who offered her a big and hard cock.
After classes, on her way home, she went to the supermarket to buy chips. She liked chips. She went in, while she was looking for her favorite chips, she noticed a young man, who worked in this supermarket was looking at her. He continued looking at her. She had found her favorite chips. She came up the cash desk to pay for her chips. He looked at her eyes and said: “Follow me.” Andrea followed him. They came into a separate room. He stood in front of her. He pulled down his trousers and took off his dick.
There was no need to wait too long. Andrea dropped on her knees and took this sausage in her mouth. It was unearthly pleasure for Andrea. She was sucking off his dick like crazy. The boy started to push his cock deeply inside her mouth. Though he cummed, she did not stopped, she continued sucking hid dick and licking his balls. He told her to stop. He thanked her and went out from the room. He left Andrea there. Soon, the door opened again and he let another man there. Read the rest of this entry »

Sex in the car

Mar 28

Like many 20 years old young people, my boyfriend and I live together with our parents. It is a real problem to stay alone when you live with your parents. My boyfriend and I were driving in his car about the city and then went to one of the car parking in order to be alone. It was not the best variant but it was not the worst one. We liked staying there. We were absolutely alone.
I lost virginity with my boyfriend exactly at the car parking. I got used to have sex in the car and I even lived making love with my boyfriend in the car. I was not afraid that somebody would catch us. We spent a great time together with my boyfriend. Despite the fact that we were making love in our car, we tried fucking in different poses. Most of all, I liked fucking with my boyfriend in doggy style. When his hard dick entered inside my anal I felt a special pleasure.
One night as usual we went for a ride. We bought food at Macdonald’s and drove not to the car parking as usual but he parked his car at the road near the trees. We ate fast food and talked a little bit. We were sitting on the front seat. Then I bent to give him a blow job. I took his sausage into my mouth and started to suck it. I could feel his cock started to grow in my mouth. As it was growing I was sucking it quicker. Then I was licking the tip of his dick. Then I started to suck it again. He started to push his cock deeper in my mouth. He took my head and pulled her down.
Then I took his dick in my hand and continued a hand job. I felt his hands unbuttoned my jeans and I felt his hand on my pussy. He started to caress my pussy. It was really pleasant and my pussy became really wet. The gentler he acted with my pussy the wetter it became. She pulled my head down and I started to suck his shaft again. While I was sucking his cock, he was palming my boobs. Read the rest of this entry »

Sister-in –law

Mar 18

My wife went on business trip and left me alone. My all friends were busy and I spent the weekend alone. I watched a movie and went to bed very late. I had a wonderful sex dream. In this dream I was making love with a sexy beauty. I woke up and my cock was hard. While I was taking a shower I did a quick hand job. I went to the kitchen to make a cup of aroma coffee.
I walked about the city and went to the cafe to dinner. I had my dinner and went home. I called my wife, we talked a little bit. I said that I missed her and I was waiting for her. I sat in front of the TV and turned it on, found adult channel and started to watch it. A sexy blonde had been fucking in all her holes. She was very sexy and hot. While I was looking at her, I was stroking my shlong. I was jerking off, when I heard somebody rang the door bell. I did not want to open, I was not expected for anyone. However, somebody continued ringing. I finished, turned down the sound and went to open the door.
I opened the door and saw my sister-in –law. I did not expect her. I asked what she was doing here. She told me that she called my wife and she allowed her to come. She said that she had quarreled with her husband and she left him. She needed to spend a night somewhere. I let her in. I cannot say that I love my sister – in – law though she has a nice ass. If only my wife could know what I was thinking about she would give a slap. She went into the guests’ room. I returned to the bedroom and continued watching sex movie. Read the rest of this entry »

My mother’s best friend

Dec 28

I lived together with my mother. My father left us when I was 10. I forgot about his existence. I was a second year student. My mother did not want to get married again. I helped her in everything. I did not have a constant girlfriend, maybe because I did not want to have serious relationships with anyone. I liked women older than I. Marsha was the best friend of my mother. God, she was beautiful. I liked her very much. I caught her each movement when she came to our house. I wanted her so badly. She did not have a husband. Once she came to our house and my mother was not at home. I opened the door and let Marsha in. She said that she had baked a peach pie and she had brought it to us. I thanked her and said that my mother was out. I told her that I was watching a TV, if she wanted she could join me. She sat next to me and I felt the scent of her perfume. Her voice was so soft and tender. I felt that my cock started to get hard. I put one of the pillows from the sofa and put on my dick. I did not want her to see my hard dick. She was smarter than I thought. She turned to me and said: “Dear, let me help you. Give me your cock and balls. I will suck them.” My jaw dropped. I did not expect she would say so. I removed the pillow and unzipped the jeans. She bent her head and started to suck my cock. While she was sucking my dick, she was finger fucking my anal. It was unexpected, but I liked it. None slut would compare with her. She gave me the blow job I had been dreaming about. I cummed right on her face. Her face was in my cum. She was so sexy and hot. I took her my room. I started to palm her. She had a great figure. Not every my contemporary girl has the same figure like Marsha has. My hands were palming her ass, boobs and hips. I started to kiss her. My tongue slipped into her mouth and she kissed me back. I took off her clothes slowly. She was standing in front of me in her sexiest lingerie. I put her on the bed and opened her legs widely. I started to kiss her legs from the inner side moving towards her pussy.
She was laying and moaning. When my tongue reached her pussy, I heard her moaning. It was very pleasant for me to hear her moaning. Her pussy turned into wet. I was licking and sucking her pussy very carefully. She lifted her hips closer to my lips. I bit a little bit her lips and I understood she liked it. She was twisting like a snake on my bed. I continued licking and sucking her pussy.  My tongue got inside her wet pussy. I started to lick deeply inside her pussy. She cummed.
I was laying next to her. We talked a little bit. She said that she had forgotten how pleasant it was to be a woman. While she was talking I put my hand on her pussy and started to massage it. I found her G-spot and started to massage it gently. While I was massaging her, she put her fingers in her mouth and started to suck them. My cock started to get hard. I spread widely her legs and entered my cock inside her wet pussy. Her pussy was so wide and I had not fat but long cock. Together with my cock, I entered my two fingers inside her pussy and continued fucking her. Then I took out the cock and spanked her pussy with it. Then I entered it again and continued fucking her. She really liked while I was fucking her. Then I turned her on her belly, took her legs and lifted them. She was laying on her elbows, while I was fucking her in her anal. Her ass was so tight. I put her on her all fours, squeezed her cheeks, found her pussy and entered my dick inside her. I started to fuck her harder than previous time. She asked me to fuck her faster and I did. We cummed together. She was perfect and I liked her. We got dressed and went downstairs. My mother came and took Marsha to the kitchen. They were talking there and I continued watching TV. See Ripped Milfs

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Dec 20

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Perfect lovers

Dec 11

It was Wednesday and we agreed to meet in our motel room. We were great lovers. We both had families and children. So we met twice or once a week to fuck. I was waiting for him in the motel room, I was just sitting and smoking. I heard the car stopped. It was his car. He went into the room. We did not talk actually. We quickly took off our clothes and started to kiss. We were both horny. We were laying in bed, naked, I was palming his body and he was palming mine. We were so close and I felt his dick started to get hard. It turned me on. I started to kiss him quickly. I put m hand on his cock and squeezed it. I started rubbing it and he was moaning from pleasure. I started to rub his cock very gently and let him enjoy my caressing. He asked me to rub quicker and I start to rub it quicker. Then he asked me to take the cock in my mouth.
I took his whole cock in my mouth and started to suck it. While I was sucking his cock, I still felt the aroma of his wife’s pussy. I understood he had fucked her before he came here. These thoughts turned me on and I started to suck his cock quicker. I was sucking and sucking it, I could not control myself and I bit his cock. I hurt him and he screamed a little bit. I said that it would not happen and continued sucking his cock. He tried to relax. Apparently, I was moving too slowly because he grabbed my head and started to move it to and fro quickly. Then he said: “I want to smell the aroma of your sexy pussy, give it to me.” I laid on the bed and spread my legs. He started to kiss and lick my pussy. Then he put your fingers inside my pussy and started to massage my pussy. His massage was so pleasant and I asked him to move quicker. He spitted on my pussy in order to wet it and started to finger fuck me quicker. It was amazing. I cannot control myself and I was moaning from pleasure and the orgasm hit me. Tasty ooze was flowing from my pussy and my lover started to drink it. My lover continued licking and sucking my clit despite the fact that I felt an orgasm. He wanted me to feel an orgasm again. My heart was beating so fast and I felt second orgasm.
I sat down on my lover’s cock. My pussy was so wet and I started to ride on his cock. “Yeah, baby fuck me, fuck me, your pussy is so tasty.” I started moving faster. I really enjoyed being on the top of him. Then I turned my back to him and jumped on his cock and started to jump on it faster than ever. While I was moving faster your hands are on my boobs and you are squeezing them. He asked me to lay on my stomach. He wanted to butt fuck me. I laid on the stomach and lifted my ass. He spread my cheeks and started to finger fuck me in my anal. My love tunnel was hot and deep. I was begging for his cock. He grabbed my cheek and entered his dick. My ass was so tight and he received a real pleasure from fucking me in my anal. He was moving so fast and squeezed my butt. Suddenly we heard somebody knocked on the door. It might be my husband or his wife. We kept silence. We were hoping that a person who was knocking on the door would go away. Well, the knocking stopped. I thought that this person went away. We could not continue, we put on clothes and waited a little bit. On my way home I was thinking about today’s incident. When I got home I found my husband with a glass of whiskey in his hand. He was absolutely drank. I came and sat in front of him. He said: “Did you spend a good time?” I nodded. He smiled to me and said, that he knew everything. He knew about your lover. He followed me and he saw us fucking. I could not say anything, I just did not know what to say. He grabbed me and took me to our bedroom. He fucked me so hardly and deeply. I could not believe it was my husband. He fucked me very rudely but I liked it. He did not divorce with me, but our sex life became better. See Ex Bride

Occasional sex

Nov 30

I had quarreled with my girlfriend. She left and went somewhere I did not know where. I started to worry when she did not return. I took my car and went to look for her. I was driving about the city trying to find her. I had been driving for about two hours but I could not find her. I phoned my girlfriend’s mother in order to find out whether Tina was at home. Her mother said that Tina was at home. I was glad that everything was good and drove back home.
I stopped near the cafe, bought a cup of coffee and returned to my car. Suddenly I heard somebody knocked at the window. I lowered down the window and saw a pretty face. She had a long dark hair, beautiful green eye and attractive smile. She said that her car had broken and she asked me to help her. I agreed to help her and let her in the car. She sat next to me and asked if she could smoke here. I allowed here to smoke here. I promised to drive her to the nearest repair car shop. Soon, the car filled in with smoke and I opened the window. She was just sitting and smoking she did not say anything. She was very attractive woman and I wanted to kiss her.
She moved closer to me and kissed me in my neck. I stopped the car and said that she was very a very beautiful woman but I had a girlfriend. She smiled but continued kissing and licking my neck. I could not resist her. She was so seducing and my dick started to get hard. She told me not to worry about my girlfriend. It would be our little secret. She moved closer to me, spread her legs and sat on me. She started kissing me passionately and I noticed she was without her panties. I was so excited and I started to kissing her. I pressed her boobs and my fingers found her hard nipples. I started to play with her boobs. Her body was so elegant, her ass was not big but tight. Her eyes were filled with passion and I liked it. I offered her to move to the back seat and we moved there. She took off my T-shirt and started to kiss my nipples. Her tongue was so soft and tender and I liked the way she was licking my nipples. It was so pleasant to touch her slender body and palm her sexy hips. I started to kiss her shoulders and moved down to her boobs, she was whispering something but I did not understand her. While I was covering my body with my kisses, I felt her hands on my panties. She was stroking my dick. She unzipped my trousers and took out my shlong. She opened her legs widely and drove my cock inside her. She started to scratch my back, but I did not feel any pain. Her scratching turned me on.  I started to move quicker. Then I laid on my back and turned her ass to me. I was sucking her love tunnel and she was stroking my hard dick. Her hands were very soft. I liked her hand job. Her love tunnel had a special aroma and her aroma drove me crazy. I was sucking her love tunnel like a mad lover. I squeezed hardly her butt and she squeezed my dick. She bent in order to suck my dick. She was so careful to my dick. I was laying and receiving a real pleasure.
Then I sat and she was jumping on me. She started to jump and her boobs were jumping together with her. While she was riding on me she grabbed my head with her hands and pulled it to her tits. She was all wet and I liked her smell. It was the smell of a real woman. Then she cummed and I cummed after her. We were fucking so hardly that car windows became sweat. Suddenly, I heard an alarm of a police car and we started to put our clothes quickly. The car stopped and a policeman came to us. I lowered the window and prepared my driver license. The policeman checked them and we continued our way. I drove her to the nearest car repair shop. I thanked her for a great sex.
The occasional sex is the best. I am 100 % sure in this. In the evening I was driving about the city, hoping I will meet her again. See Bdsm Homemade

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