Occasional sex

Nov 30

I had quarreled with my girlfriend. She left and went somewhere I did not know where. I started to worry when she did not return. I took my car and went to look for her. I was driving about the city trying to find her. I had been driving for about two hours but I could not find her. I phoned my girlfriend’s mother in order to find out whether Tina was at home. Her mother said that Tina was at home. I was glad that everything was good and drove back home.
I stopped near the cafe, bought a cup of coffee and returned to my car. Suddenly I heard somebody knocked at the window. I lowered down the window and saw a pretty face. She had a long dark hair, beautiful green eye and attractive smile. She said that her car had broken and she asked me to help her. I agreed to help her and let her in the car. She sat next to me and asked if she could smoke here. I allowed here to smoke here. I promised to drive her to the nearest repair car shop. Soon, the car filled in with smoke and I opened the window. She was just sitting and smoking she did not say anything. She was very attractive woman and I wanted to kiss her.
She moved closer to me and kissed me in my neck. I stopped the car and said that she was very a very beautiful woman but I had a girlfriend. She smiled but continued kissing and licking my neck. I could not resist her. She was so seducing and my dick started to get hard. She told me not to worry about my girlfriend. It would be our little secret. She moved closer to me, spread her legs and sat on me. She started kissing me passionately and I noticed she was without her panties. I was so excited and I started to kissing her. I pressed her boobs and my fingers found her hard nipples. I started to play with her boobs. Her body was so elegant, her ass was not big but tight. Her eyes were filled with passion and I liked it. I offered her to move to the back seat and we moved there. She took off my T-shirt and started to kiss my nipples. Her tongue was so soft and tender and I liked the way she was licking my nipples. It was so pleasant to touch her slender body and palm her sexy hips. I started to kiss her shoulders and moved down to her boobs, she was whispering something but I did not understand her. While I was covering my body with my kisses, I felt her hands on my panties. She was stroking my dick. She unzipped my trousers and took out my shlong. She opened her legs widely and drove my cock inside her. She started to scratch my back, but I did not feel any pain. Her scratching turned me on.  I started to move quicker. Then I laid on my back and turned her ass to me. I was sucking her love tunnel and she was stroking my hard dick. Her hands were very soft. I liked her hand job. Her love tunnel had a special aroma and her aroma drove me crazy. I was sucking her love tunnel like a mad lover. I squeezed hardly her butt and she squeezed my dick. She bent in order to suck my dick. She was so careful to my dick. I was laying and receiving a real pleasure.
Then I sat and she was jumping on me. She started to jump and her boobs were jumping together with her. While she was riding on me she grabbed my head with her hands and pulled it to her tits. She was all wet and I liked her smell. It was the smell of a real woman. Then she cummed and I cummed after her. We were fucking so hardly that car windows became sweat. Suddenly, I heard an alarm of a police car and we started to put our clothes quickly. The car stopped and a policeman came to us. I lowered the window and prepared my driver license. The policeman checked them and we continued our way. I drove her to the nearest car repair shop. I thanked her for a great sex.
The occasional sex is the best. I am 100 % sure in this. In the evening I was driving about the city, hoping I will meet her again. See Bdsm Homemade

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