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Back to life

Jun 25

taboostories Back to life

It was her ordinary morning. She woke up alone as usually in a cold bed. She has not got sex for such a long time. She has not seen a naked man for so long. Five years ago she divorced with her husband. He cheated on her. As usual she drank coffee, got dressed and went to work. She worked in a big company. She had a difficult day. After work she decided to go to the bar and drink a cocktail.
She went to her near her house and ordered her favorite “Sex on the beach” cocktail. It helped her to relax, she forgot about tough day and all the troubles. She listened to music. She was going to leave when a guy put a napkin into her hand and went away. She opened the napkin a number of the phone was written on it and the inscription “Call me, if you want to spend a good time.” She wanted to throw away the note, but she put it in her purse. She went home masturbated in the bathroom and went to bed.
She was going to spend the weekend alone as usual. However, she remembered about the note. Something stopped her from calling, because it was somehow strange to call to a stranger. Her body missed strong men’s hands, missed hard long sausage inside her. All in all, the decision was taken, the number was dialed. She heard a nice man’s voice, but she could not pronounce anything, but he pronounced: “OK, whoever you are, you will not regret if you decide to spend a night me”. She named the address and asked to come at 8.
He was at exact time, rang the bell and she opened him. The nervous tension felt in the air. He was extremely gentle. He asked: “Where is the bedroom? Will you show me?” They were in her bedroom. There was a dim light. They sat on the bed. (more…)


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