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Valentine’s Day present

Nov 25

It was Valentine’s Day. I was sitting in front of the mirror and putting makeup. My boyfriend Jacob would come soon. I finished with my makeup and went to the room to put on my sexy lingerie and sexy clothes. She took the new lingerie she had bought yesterday. When she put on her lingerie she looked at the mirror. She liked what she saw. She was seducing. Then she put on her dress. She was ready. I heard a knock on the door. It was Jacob. I went downstairs to open the door. I saw Jacob. “Happy Valentine’s Day” he said and gave me flowers. The bouquet was great. I kissed him and took the bouquet. I put it in a vase. Jacob was not actually very handsome, but he had a really huge cock. I adore huge cocks and I like to feel cock inside me. “It is a special evening and let’s spend it at home” – he said. I lifted my eyebrow. It was unexpected. He came up closer to me and started to kiss me. It was unexpected too. Jacob was quite shy and he had never kissed me without my allowance. He put his hands on my waist and then lowered the down to my butt. I felt his hands squeezed it. It was pleasant. “I want to make this evening a special for you.” – he said and took my hand. He took me to the bedroom. I did not say anything. I waned to see what he would do next. He came up closer to me and kissed me. His tongue was so deep inside my throat. At first he was kissing me gently, but then he started to kiss me quickly. I liked the way he acted. I was burning inside when we were kissing. His hands were on my ass. He was palming my ass and I liked it. “You are so beautiful, hot and seducing” he said. I was impressed, these were the words I wanted to hear from him. He turned me on. “I am thinking about our pussy all the time, will you allow me to lick it and suck it?” I could not say anything, so I nodded.
I sat on the bed and let him do everything she wanted to do with me. He took of my clothes and lingerie. First of all, he started to lick my boobs and nipples. While he was doing it, he was caressing my pussy. I was laying there and allowed him to do what ever he wanted. My eyes were closed and I was moaning. “Do you like it? Is everything ok?” he asked. “Yes, continue please.” He started to kiss my body, he said that he wanted to kiss every tiny part of my body. He was so tender and sweet. He moved down to my pussy. I was all wet, his kisses were so sweet and made me hot. I spread my legs I felt his tongue on my pussy. I had never thought that somebody could lick my pussy so well.
He parted the lips very carefully and started to lick carefully my pussy. I spread my legs wider. When I was about to cum. I squeezed his head with her legs and cummed. It was amazing. I felt a great orgasm. Then he asked me to jump on him. I jumped on him and started to move up and down. While I was jumping up and down his hands her on my waist, he was helping me to move quicker up and down. I was jumping on his hard cock and it was something really amazing. I moved really very quickly. When I was moving my boobs were jumping up. He liked watching me jumping on hi shard cock. He put his hands on my boobs and squeezed them. “I adore your tits” he said.  Then he cummed right inside me. I laid next to him. His cock was not hard. I felt how his cum was flowing out from my pussy. I put my hands inside my pussy, took out my fingers, they were all in his cum. I started licking each finger very carefully. He was looking at me and I noticed his cock started to get grow again. I turned my back to him and he started to fuck me in the anal. I wanted it so much and finally it happened. He acted like a professional fucker. I liked the way he grabbed my ass and drove his cock inside my anal. We were fucking like rabbits. It was the best Valentine’s Day in my life. I opened a new Jacob for me. Amateur Porn.

Bi wife

Aug 5

wileywives 500 300 Bi wife

I always choose a sex partner myself. I had many sex partners. I have been married for two years. For all my friends, my marriage was unexpected. My friends know I adore spending time in swingers clubs. So, when I sent them wedding invitation they thought that I went crazy. I do not know why I married Shelly, she was pretty, and she had a gorgeous body. Our sex life was not crazy and wild. We have sex just once or twice a month. I just fuck her in a missionary pose and fell asleep. Actually, we did not talk too much.
I got sick and tired of such a life. I had lovers. I met with her online. I was registered on many online websites. She was absolutely gorgeous. She posted many sexy and hot photos and I liked her motto: “Just wild sex, no taboo”. I wrote at her immediately and we agreed to meet at a local bar. Later, I found that she lived not far from the place where I worked. We met at a bar, drank cocktails. I told her that I was married. She did not bother actually. Her name was Lily and she invited me to place where she lived. We quickly took off our clothes and had a quick fuck. It was something incredible.
I returned home absolutely. Shelly was working as usual. She did not notice that something has changed. I fell asleep like a baby. I agreed to meet with my lover next day. I woke up early in the morning, took a hot shower. While I was talking shower I was singing. Shelly went to work and me too. Lily and I agreed to meet during the break. I bought flowers and drove to Lily’s place. She opened the door. She wore sexy lingerie. I said: “I have been missing you so much this night. I want you”. She put her finger on my mouth and said: “Shhh…do not need to say anything. I have prepared a surprise for you”. I went into the room and I could not believe my eyes. Two men were fucking my Shelly. While one was fucking her in her anal, she was sucking the cock of the second man. My eyes were really round. I wanted to leave. I had mixed feelings. One part of me wanted to leave, the other part of me wanted to stay. (more…)

Active sex life

Jul 20

XXXStories 500 300 Active sex life

When I was 19 I felt my first orgasm. My whole family gathered together at barbeque. My cousins and I were swimming in the swimming pool. My cousin Don was older than I and I saw he was rubbing his cock when we were swimming in the pool. This scene turned me on and I went to the bathroom. It was my first orgasm. I rubbed quickly my clit. It was very pleasant. Then I returned and we all ate dinner. I was sitting next to Don. I could not help but looked at his dick. Don noticed my look and he looked at me smilingly.
When I was 20 I started to on dates with boys. I liked to wear sexy clothes. I liked mini dresses and skirts and I also liked to wear sexy lingerie. Boys paid attention on me and I liked their hanger look. I had big sexy boobs, long legs, long hair and tight ass. I was dating with three boys at a time. They did not know about it.
Bob and I agreed to meet on Saturday. I put on my favorite red dress, made a sexy make up. Red color is my favorite. It is the color of passion. He drove at 8, I sat in his car and he kissed me in the cheek. While we were driving to the club I felt him hand on my knee. He palmed it a little bit. He spent a great evening. We danced a lot and drank cocktails. On the way home, I put my hand on his cock ad felt its hardness. I unzipped his jeans and jumped on him. My pussy was so wet and I wanted to fuck. We had a crazy sex on the driver’s seat, he did not even stopped the car. He drove me home and I invited him inside.
We came up to my room quietly, because my parents were sleeping. We went to the bathroom. We quickly undressed. He was fucking me at the back and I watched it in the mirror, he pulled my hair and I liked it. It was really hard and hot scene. My pussy was tight, he took off his cock and wet it a little bit. Then he entered his cock again and fucked me hardly. We both felt orgasm. (more…)

At work

Jul 15

taboostories At work

After a hard working day we decided to stay at work and drink beer. We ordered pizza and bought beer. Our boss decided to join us too. It was really a difficult working day. We won case in court. It was the most difficult murder case, however we managed to win.
So, we were sitting, drinking beer, eating pizza and talking. I am a secretary in this firm. I liked my work. The biggest pleasure in my life I receive from a wild sex. I had many sex partners. My pretty head is full of dirty fantasies. I adore wearing sexy lingerie. I have a sexy body, men usually stare at my boobs. They are really big and sensitive and I like when men pay special attention to my tits.
There were many men at work who I want to fuck with. Though many of them had wives and children, but I do not care actually. I like the risk and as a matter of fact my best sex happened in the most unexpected places, but never at work. There were so many web cams in our office. A thought about sex in the office and a web cam which can record everything turns me on.
We drank to much beer. Almost everyone left the office. My boss and I were gathering home as well. I wished my boss a good night and went out. I remembered, I had left important papers in the office and I decided to return and get them back. I was absolutely sure that my boss went home, but I was wrong. I came in and when I found the necessary folder. Suddenly, I heard a noise at the boss’s cabinet. I decided to come in and check. When I opened the door, I could not believe my eyes.
My boss was jerking. I was just standing still and watching. Suddenly, he turned around and I saw his enormous dick. He looked at me smilingly. I was really shocked. I said: “I am sorry, I left some important document…I have to go”. He said: “Hey, wait. Maybe you want to join me?” Well, my dirty fantasies can come true if I stay. (more…)


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